Catering Equipment: Unbreakable Crockery for Hospitals

Hospitals have a lot on their plate, figuratively. They need to take care of sick patients, maintain the hospital building, ensure that administration is up to date, manage their accounting, as well as feed their patients. While many patients are able to still do things for themselves, others are far too ill. This presents a new problem for the hospital in terms of safety.

Patients who are unable to take care of themselves, consequently, need assistance with feeding themselves. Such patients may be clumsy as a result of their condition and could mishandle the hospital crockery causing it to fall on the floor. Hospitals experience a lot of breakage when it comes to plates, bowls, cups and glasses. This puts financial pressure on the hospital’s accounts department because they need to constantly find funding for replacement crockery.

Plastic crockery is not really a solution either. It may be cheaper but it doesn’t look presentable. Polycarbonate crockery is an option for hospitals because it is virtually unbreakable and looks beautiful like its glass or porcelain counterparts. These plates and bowls have a stunning mirror finish that looks like fine crockery. They are functional in the sense that they can also be stacked on top of each other for easy movement. So if you are a tending to a particular ward, you can collect all the dishes on a trolley and stack them neatly thus only making one round of collections. If you happen to stack it too high and it falls, they won’t break because of their unbreakable nature. This is convenient for hospitals because it minimises breakage costs in terms of time taken to clean it up and replacing the crockery.

If patients accidentally drop the plates or cups on the floor because of sudden spasms or pain, the nurse can focus on the patient first then simply pick up the crockery. There is no added risk element that comes with broken glass products. Cuts are also minimised as a result. Polycarbonate crockery thus cuts down cost of breakages, clean up of broken parts, as well as cuts caused by the broken crockery.

Polycarbonate catering equipment conforms to the industrial standards for the health care sector meaning that it is made for the hospital industry. It is designed to be hardwearing, beautiful yet functional. In addition, it is dishwasher safe, microwave friendly and durable. It keeps costs low and helps the hospital catering department be more efficient.

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