Importance Of An Isolation Transformer In Hospitals

An Isolation Transformer is a device that is known to give you protection against the electric shock and prevent the situation of short-circuits or fire accident. It separates one part of an electric circuit from the main powers, which ensures the smooth performance of the unit. It is a unit that is made of two copper coils, which are wound around each other and supply power by their own source. These are similar to any other type of transformers but the only difference is that they are found in the applications that have sensitive circuit.

All the circuits those are not able to bear the load of direct current need protection. And an isolation transformer provide that protection, it either increases or decreases the alternating currents before it reaches the main equipment it is connected with. They are proven to reduce electromagnetic interruption and improve signal strength, which ensures the safety of your appliances.

Now the question most of the people have in their mind is why they are mandatory in hospitals and especially in operation theaters? It’s a true fact that operation theaters or hospitals are full of electronic equipment; therefore, the chances people get shocked are high. And in an order to reduce those possibilities an isolation transformer gets installed. Still confused? Read on to clarify your doubts.

  • An Isolation Transformer in a hospital reduces the shock hazards to the patients, doctors, and nurses, who are working with a number of equipment for treating patients or generating reports.
  • It ensures the continuity of power, which is a must because there are a number of devices that need to be working continuously for the safety and the life of the patient. And even a single minute of power cut may cut the life of the patient forever.
  • Moreover, it reduces the noise of the device by decreasing the vibration, which not only ensures the proper functioning but also the long life of the device.
  • Last but the most important reason why a isolation transformer is necessary in hospitals because it gives you advance warning of equipment failure, which grant you time to take action to save the life of the patient relying on it.

Now you know why it is important to have an isolation transformer in hospitals. So, don’t ignore it, otherwise, it may cost you the fortune, which is hard to bear. The device has the capacity to control the power surges, which prevent the situation of electric shock. Go and get it right now from a reliable source.

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