In Case of Emergency

There are some instances when the oral cavity is faced with an emergency situation. Once a patient experienced a certain kind of emergency, what are the possible acts to be done to not infuriate the effect of the emergency situation? First and foremost, it is highly advised not to have panic in any form. This causes the brain to justify things inappropriately. Then try to follow the following just in case these kinds of emergency commence:


This is one of the common oral cavity emergencies that can happen to anyone. Initially, never opt to have painkillers placed on the gum because it can only bring a burning sensation to the gum tissue. It is advised to clean the mouth thoroughly with warm water. Floss around the tooth gently to remove the remaining particles that triggers the pain. Finally, if the pain still persists, go ahead and approach the dentist for professional checkup and possible solution for the pain.


In the event that the tooth breaks, clean the mouth thoroughly rinsing and removing unnecessary articles around the mouth. Contact the dentist immediately. Apply a cold compress on the area affected to minimize the swelling.


In the event of possibly breaking the jaw, immediately apply a cold compress to the area affected basically to minimize the swelling. Proceed to the hospital’s emergency room or go to the nearest dental clinic.


There are maybe some events that lead to extracting the tooth unexpectedly. When struck in this kind of emergency situation, manage to clean the tooth without removing the attached tissue in the tooth. After thoroughly cleaning the tooth, manage to bring it back to the socket. The tissue will soon heal and attach itself to the gums. Seek for the dentist’s help.


When blood appears after accidentally bitten the tongue or lip, apply a cold compress to the area to minimize swelling.


This is also one of the most common incidents concerning the oral cavity. In cases like this, floss the area affected removing the stuck particles in between teeth.

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