LTAC Nurses: Roles and Responsibilities

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LTAC nurses are assigned to patients who need long-term care since LTAC stands for long-term acute care. Nurses in this unit have special skills since they have to give special care to their patients. There are several roles of LTAC nurses and each of them is relevant in keeping the patient’s condition well as well as making them have positive progress. 

What is an LTAC Nurse?

LTAC nurses work in intensive care and often extend to home care. Since their patients need a long time to be taken care of, after getting discharged from the intensive care unit they are allowed to go home but should have continuous care for LTAC nurses. 

What Are Their Roles?

Assessment of Patients 

LTAC nurses have to assess their patient’s conditions so they will determine what they need. Patients in LTAC units are suffering from intense conditions so they need to be assessed very well so proper treatment can be given. 

Implementing Care Plan

Each patient in LTAC units is given a care plan. Since each of them has different conditions the treatment given is specifically for them. As an LTAC nurse, you should be able to be familiar with the treatment plan so you can implement it properly. 

Administration of Medicines 

Most of the medicine for patients in LTAC units is given intravenously. Nurses should be well trained in giving medication to their patients. Administering the right medicine, proper dosage and proper way are essential so LTCA nurses should be alert and active enough to perform their duty in giving medication to their patients. 

Acts as Assistant Physicians

LTAC nurses assist physicians when they need to perform some procedures on their patients. LTAC nurses should always be ready to assist physicians in any way they are needed. 

Recording Patient’s Vital Signs

Monitoring and recording the vital signs of the patients can let the medical team know if the patient is in good condition or not. As LTAC nurses, it is part of their duty to record the vital signs of the patients and report to the physician or head of the medical team so they can give the necessary medication if needed or conduct procedures that are needed to confirm the condition of the patient. 

Treating Wounds 

Since the patients in the LTAC unit had operations or had encountered some incidents that have left them badly wounded. LTAC nurses should dress and clean their wounds regularly until it heals. 

How To Become an LTAC Nurse?

There are several requirements and qualifications before you can become an LTAC nurse and here are some of them:

Active and Updated License

LTAC nurses should be registered nurses and have active status plus an updated license. State licenses should also be present if they are working in a compact state license. A license serves as the very proof for nurses to show that they are indeed registered. 

LTAC nurses should have 1 to 2 years of experience in intensive care units, telemetry, ER, or progressive care. These experiences can determine that they have an idea of the duties and responsibilities they will be facing in the LTAC unit. 

With BLS and ACLS Certificate

LTAC nurses should hold basic life support certification and Advanced Cardiovascular life support. Since most of the patient’s conditions are vulnerable then LTAC nurses should be trained to give first aid care if needed. 

Experience in Tracheotomy, drip, and drip 

Patients in the LTAC unit have heart or respiratory issues, so nurses should have the skills in operating the ventilator, performing a tracheotomy, and doing drips. 

LTAC nurses: roles and responsibilities require a lot of knowledge and skills. That’s why when it comes to qualifications they are strict in hiring nurses who have experience. LTAC facilities want to make sure that their patients are taken care of properly especially if they need longer care. If you are an LTAC nurse be ready to give all your best in taking care of your patients and if you are planning to become one then get the experience needed and level up your skills and knowledge so you can eventually become an LTAC nurse. Then take advantage of the demand and grow your career as well as your earnings. 

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