Things You Should Look for When Purchasing Recertified Laboratory Equipment

Purchasing recertified lab equipment from an established lab equipment supplier is important as they offer quality products at a prices lower than new.

Modern laboratories require the use of different types of sophisticated laboratory equipment to carry out various diagnostic procedures on a routine basis. Different types of lab equipment with advanced features are available in the market. But purchasing brand new lab devices for each of the clinical procedures can turn out to be an expensive option for most labs. An economical option is to purchase recertified lab equipment. With recertified devices, labs can enjoy the same functionalities that are found in brand new lab devices but at a lower cost. They are a great option for startup laboratories.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing Recertified Lab Equipment

Most medical laboratories with limited budgets often resort to purchasing pre-used equipment from leading suppliers. Before planning to invest in pre – used lab instruments, it is essential to consider certain important points:

  • Requirements – As with new devices, it is important for labs to purchase recertified devices that meet their specific requirements. There are many models and brands of a particular device, so choosing the right model is important

  • Product Quality – Leading suppliers who purchase used lab instruments will conduct a detailed refurbishment process before offering the same for resale. Skilled lab technicians disassemble parts, replace damaged or missing parts, and even repaint the device so that the refurbished product meets the specifications of a new product. Strict quality checking is undertaken so as to analyze product accuracy. At the end of this process, if the product’s condition is found satisfactory, it is recertified for sale.

  • Consider Warranty Period – Before selecting recertified laboratory equipment, it is important to consider the warranty period offered for the product. In most cases, reputable lab equipment supplier’s offer extended warranty for up to 3 months from the date of delivery to the customer.

  • After-Sales Service: It is also important for labs to consider other important factors such as after sales-service, timely delivery, in-house service, service visits and annual maintenance contracts before purchasing recertified equipment.

Select a Reliable and Established Lab Equipment Supplier

Before purchasing, it is essential to choose a reliable and established lab equipment supplier. Reputable equipment suppliers provide top quality pre-used lab devices at a reasonable price. Moreover, such a supplier will definitely offer extended warranty for the product along with additional benefits like efficient post-sales support, timely delivery, service visits, annual maintenance contracts, and competitive pricing.

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