What Causes Nurses to Quit?

One of the most fulfilling jobs is being a part of saving the life of a person. It is very rewarding to see someone get better and know that you are part of that recovery.

Doctors contribute a lot in saving the life of a person. However, they cannot do this alone. If doctors do everything, they will not be able to save as many lives. The nurses have important roles just like any medical personnel. They carry out instructions from the doctors. They talk to the patient and monitor their condition.

If saving lives is a very fulfilling career why do nurses quit?

Just like any other profession, nurses deal with various issues as well. If you see some who quit, this is not because they just want to quit. They quit because of the accumulated factors that urges them to give up.

Compensation is one major reason why a nurse doubts her profession. Several hospitals in the country do not compensate their nurses well. A nurse posted a blog stating that she quit working for a hospital and started working as a waitress because she earns the same. This is just one of the nurses who leave their profession for another job.

Another reason that could pull the trigger is the work environment. You have to keep in mind that nurses deal with high levels of stress every day. They encounter people with different illnesses. They witness people who cry and worry for their loved ones as well. If the organization she works for do not have programs that help staff manage stress, it would be difficult to last long.

Some nurses do not quit their job entirely. They quit working for a certain agency and community to look for a better job. If a nurse is not happy in a certain hospital or community because of compensation and management, she will look for a place that will provide her with the benefits she deserves.

Personal issues can also cause a nurse to quit. This can include the issues she faces with her family. Nurses work on shifts like most service-oriented industries. Their schedule is a challenge to manage. If they work a twelve-hour shift, they will be too tired to attend to the needs of the family. It is also difficult to find a common schedule. There are times when she gets home and the children are already off to school. When the kids arrive, she is ready to leave.

Health is another reason. Working for the sick is a threat to their health. There are nurses who deal with contagious diseases. Dealing with this is part of their training. However, not all nurses have strong immune system. Aside from that, stress and lack of rest can also deteriorate their health condition.

Nurses usually quit because of several reasons. It can be work related or personal. Some quit because of compensation and management. Others, on the other hand, quit because they want to take care of their health and spend more time with their family.

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